Thursday, August 20, 2009

Davis outkicks coverage with fiancee

Former Biscuits pitcher Wade Davis met his bride-to-be, Katelyn Casey, when he was with the Hudson Valley Renegades and she was working for the team.

Davis admits his ugliness to the Times Herald-Record and says he was "a big, tall, scary person" when they met -- and he still is, to be honest.

We will definitely say he's outkicked his coverage here, though I'm sure we all remember that Davis was named one of the sexiest players in the minor leagues early last year and referred to as a "nice, warm Biscuit." (Here's the original blog post of Davis' 2008 recognition.)

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GloriaD87 said...

Excuse me, Mr. Long,
Before you go and start mocking Wade Davis and his fiance, perhaps you should recognize the fact that they did that article by request of Katelyn's hometown newspaper. Being the good people they are they took time out of their day to do an interview. The article is a wonderful piece about their new home and family, and was meant for the people they know and love from their community to read. Im not sure what you are trying to accomplish by saying Davis has "Outkicked" his publicity, (because it doesnt make sense to begin with) but maybe instead of making fun of him, you should be congratulating him on both his professional and personal success.
Your comments are disgusting about these wonderful young kids, you should be ashamed.

Stacy Long said...

Wade's a good guy. I was complimenting Katelyn by saying he's "outkicked his coverage."

In no way was I mocking her.