Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dibble critical of Longoria, Rays radio

Headed to Troy for some football work.

Rob Dibble, on XM's The Show, is criticizing Evan Longoria for admiring Tuesday's game-winning home run -- and other players for doing the same in such situations. "If you don't respect the other team, at least respect the game."

He's also critical of the radio crew's enthusiasm over Longoria's homer.

I've seen the homer, but not the pose.


Chris said...

What a dumb thing to criticize. It wasn't simply a home run, it was a game-winning, walk-off win five hours in to a 13-inning game. Longo absolutely smoked that ball and he had every right to show some sort of emotion after hitting it.

I'm assuming the pose he's complaining about is the one I used for our web site's story.

I'm also a bit confused about criticizing the radio crew. Was he talking about the Rays' announcers? If so, of course the local radio announcers will cheer when their team wins.

I have no idea what on earth this guy is complaining about.

Stacy Long said...

I'm not sure if it was Dibble or the other host. One mentioned about the radio call that it was just "early August" or "Aug. 4," so such exuberance was out of place.

They played the call, which didn't sound out of place to me, but I'm a mere minor-league guy.

Chris said...

I haven't heard the call in question, but I do listen to Rays announcers Dave Wills and Andy Freed pretty regularly, and yeah, they get worked up when the Rays make an awesome play or pull off a win like Tuesday night's. I can certainly imagine Wills shouting "RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN!" as Longoria rounded the bases.

But again, these are LOCAL announcers. I think local announcers will respond that way for their team in any market. It seems really odd to single them out for something like that.

But then again, Dibble always struck me as a bit of a sourpuss.