Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gathright makes debut at catcher -- yes, catcher

Former Biscuits center fielder Joey Gathright, known for his speed and car-jumping prowess, played catcher Saturday for the independent Yuma Scorpions.

The Scorpions were playing the Lake County Fielders, whose manager resigned and several players left before the game. The team is behind on payroll, the players say.

Yuma manager Jose Canseco -- yes, that Jose Canseco -- filled his own lineup with pitchers, put Gathright behind the plate and, of course, took the mound himself. Canseco gave up one run in six innings in Yuma's 8-3 win.


socomfy said...

the opposing team is first place and took a loss to Canseco - also the other team is owned by Kevin Costner and make payroll?

A strange one indeed, but independent ball can be that way!

Stacy Long said...

Ah, memories of the Wings.