Saturday, August 25, 2012

Morning reading: Iron Bowl rivalry hits Biscuits

The day is finally here when you can expose the other team's fans for the yahoos they truly are.

It's the Biscuits' annual Armageddon -- aka Alabama/Auburn Night* -- that will settle the biggest question of our time. The all-time series is tied 4-4 and, if course, all the prior results are listed. (Wouldn't it be grand if Mikie Mahtook's family and friends showed up in LSU gold?)

The Biscuits, after Friday's 6-2 loss to Jacksonville, are just two games ahead of the Suns.

*--That's how the name is listed on the Biscuits' schedule. Yes, out-of-state readers, people here can take great offense depending on which school is listed first.

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