Thursday, April 03, 2014

Late-morning reading list

Curt Casali and Grayson Garvin have been reunited with the Biscuits. The two were Vanderbilt stars when they were drafted in 2011 and have remained close friends. (You can probably guess which is known as "Mr. Clean" and which is "The Hoff.")

FYI, Casali and Garvin are both Vanderbilt graduates. Casali said he's only used his communications degree when "talking to you guys (the media)." Garvin's degree is in business psychology, which has helped in an offseason job with some financial advisors in Nashville. "I really haven't had to use it yet," Garvin said. "Thankfully."

Also, check out the annual player capsules that, as always, include that most personal of questions (at least in Alabama): What's your favorite college football team?

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