Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Breakfast special

Apologies, but I had to return a friend's e-mail about last night's 24 before heading over to do the blog. Such a tragedy that CTU, supposedly an elite anti-terrorism unit, has its offices attacked for the sixth straight season. Cheng "Hello, Mr. Bauer" Zhi (the current uber bad guy for those not watching) is the man!

Anyway, your lineups ...
Jason Pridie, cf
Brooks Badeaux, ss
Evan Longoria, 3b
Gabriel Martinez, dh
Chris Nowak, 1b
John Jaso, c
Shaun Cumberland, rf
Patrick Breen, lf
Josh Asanovich, 2b
Derek Feldkamp, rhp

Sam Fuld, cf
Issmael Salas, lf
Jake Fox, dh
Josh Kroeger, rf
Matt Craig, 1b
Casey McGehee, 3b
Gary Cates, 2b
Chris Robinson, c
Joe Simokaitis, ss
Kevin Hart, rhp

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Bubba36109 said...

Who is on the move?