Friday, May 04, 2007

Statistics bumped again

It's another tight sports section for Sunday (six pages), so the Biscuits statistics graphic, complete with the look around the Tampa Bay system and at Wayward Biscuits, has been bumped again. Let's all cross our fingers for next week's third try.

We've started publishing the graphic at this time every year and continued it throughout the summer.


Brent said...

Whoever the genius is who determined the "new" Advertiser format is great should be sent down to Low A.

afhra said...

Different topic...Stacy almost had his head taken off by a foul ball that went rocketing into the press box last night...I heard the bang as it hit the back wall all the way over at first base!

Stacy Long said...

I'll go Sgt. Schultz on the new format: "I know nothing, nothing."

As far as that foul ball, I was proud of my reactions. I ~first~ grabbed the computer and then started leaning away from the flight of the ball.

First rule of foul balls: Save the computer. You'll most likely heal, the computer most likely won't.

Bubba36109 said...

Why not list the Wayward Biscuits on this blog?