Thursday, May 24, 2007

More on Dukes

Having read more and more about this, including ...

What a mess. Neither side comes off in a good light. That's expected in a messy divorce. With the way those accusations are flying, who knows who to believe and both could be telling the truth.

What a pity. Dukes has such baseball potential but keeps messing it up. The Tampa Tribune story quotes Dukes' mom saying Dukes' estranged wife had cleaned out his bank account, which caused him to confront her in her classroom. Still, don't confront a teacher on school grounds during school hours. Ever.

What a shame. Five kids by four women, two births within an eight-day period. Shameful behavior on Dukes' part.

What should happen? The Rays will have to address it somehow. If they don't, Dukes will be left twisting in the wind, exposed to escalating criticism and ridicule, and the clubhouse will only sour. No matter what, hopefully he can get his life straightened out, whether that includes baseball or not.

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Brent said...

What a crying shame. 250 pounds of God-given physical talent, and not a single ounce of common sense.