Friday, May 18, 2007

Superhero Friday

It's Superhero Night at Riverwalk Stadium, but outfielder Jason Pridie has swallowed some kryptonite. He's out of the lineup today after leaving last night's game because he was sick. Shaun Cumberland moves to the top of the order and into center field. He's hit leadoff in only one game this year.

Your lineups, complete with the zany characters for each hitter on the scoreboard ...
Shaun Cumberland, cf -- Robin, of Batman and Robin fame
Brooks Badeaux, lf -- Captain America
Reid Brignac, ss -- (we're not really sure)
Evan Longoria, 3b -- SpiderMan
John Jaso, c -- Superman
Chris Nowak, 1b -- Wolverine
Gabriel Martinez, dh -- The Incredible Hulk
Patrick Breen, rf -- Batman
Josh Asanovich, 2b -- The Riddler (he was a bad guy?!?!?)
Mike Prochaska, lhp

Chris Getz, 2b -- Dr. Evil from Austin Powers
Jason Bourgeois, dh -- The Joker
Ricardo Nanita, cf -- Green Goblin
Thomas Collaro, rf -- Magneto
Cory Aldridge, lf -- ?? (help!!! -- green robe, draped over his head, regular face)
Donny Lucy, c -- Superwoman
Chris Kelly, 3b -- Darth Vader
Michael Myers, 1b -- Michael Myers, of course (he even wears No. 13)
Robert Valido, ss -- ?? (looks like Spiderwoman, but she was good, right?)
Adam Russell, rhp

UPDATE: The team had a 50-minute kangaroo court before today's game and the heftiest fine was $21. I'll make you wait to find out the chief culprit.

ESPN's Jayson Stark reports Evan Longoria and Reid Brignac could be in the big leagues by August. I'll take my usual gutless stance and say they won't be in Montgomery by then.


Jim said...

Couple of helping hands... :-)

-Reid Brignac was a comic hero called "Cyclops" from X-Men.
-Josh Asanovich was The Riddler because he requested it.
- Cory Aldridge was "Dr. Doom" from the Fantastic Four.

Stacy Long said...

I am a comics novice, for sure. Only X-Men experience is from the three movies. Only Fantastic Four is from the one not-terribly-memorable-except-for-Jessica Alba movie.