Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Homer hankering

Evan Longoria has homered in three straight games and that left me wondering if that had happened to the Biscuits. Of course, it had.

Through the first three games of Montgomery's series at West Tenn, Longoria is 7-of-13 with 10 RBIs and five runs scored, with a round tripper in all three. Where's the "paradigm of putridity at Pringles Park" that I've come to expect from the Biscuits?!?

The other Biscuits to accomplish the three straight feat ...
Elijah Dukes -- June 27-28, 30, 2005 (no game June 29)
Michael Coleman -- April 29-30, May 2, 2006 (no game May Day)
Ryan Christianson -- April 30, May 2 and May 4, 2006 (he didn't play May 3, but homered twice May 4)
Jeremy Owens -- June 5-7, 2006, starting a five-homer, seven-game stretch
Michael Coleman -- Sept. 13-15, 2006 (the last three games of the Southern League championship series)

Longoria now has homers in four of his last five games, five in nine and 10 this year.

So, he's created 12 runs in three games at West Tenn (can't count the homers twice). Here's how your Biscuits as a team have performed there.
In 2006, they scored 13 runs in their only series there, a five-gamer.
Three-gamer in April 2005 -- seven runs.
Three-gamer in August 2005 -- 11 runs.
Four-gamer in May 2004 -- four runs.
Four-gamer in June 2004 -- eight runs.
Four-gamer in July 2004 -- 15 runs.

So, Longoria has a chance to eclipse what all previous Biscuits teams have done in a series at the Big Chip.

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