Monday, May 28, 2007

Not-so-beautiful Day

Dewon Day, who pitched against the Biscuits last week for the Birmingham Barons, made his major-league debut today. He gave up four hits and two runs in the eighth inning of the Chicago White Sox's 10-4 loss at Minnesota.

And why was this game and Atlanta's the only two on television today? I would think more might have been available on a national holiday and all. Where's an ESPN tripleheader when you need it?

In honor of Torii Hunter robbing another home run today -- and Ken "Hawk" Harrelson made such a play by Hunter seem routine -- WGN showed a highlight reel of Hunter's catches against the Sox over the years. Well, such catches by Hunter may be routine judging by the length of the highlights. I laughed out loud on one when Harrelson started his fame home run call a little early.

"You can put it ..."
Hunter jumps and makes the catch.
Harrelson falls silent.

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