Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scouting report: Hooters

When the Biscuits left for their current 10-game road trip, many mourned not being able to hit Montgomery’s newest restaurant on Opening Night.

They’re back Saturday, which means some added business late Saturday (or that afternoon, to be honest) for Hooters. I promised a scouting report for them -- at least to one player -- so here it is, on the 20-80 baseball scouting scale and based on two trips since it opened.

(A 50 is considered major-league average, 80 All-Star and 20 awful.)

Hitting 55
No weak links up and down the lineup, though many were spray hitters. There was some projectability here.

Power 45
There were some deep threats, but I failed to recognize a Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron among them. I was never distracted from sports highlights by a true slugger walking past.

Speed 60
My first arrival was at 11:47 p.m. and I had eaten my food and paid my bill by 12:13. Of course, getting there just before closing time can ensure prompt service.

Arm 35
The sweet tea, though excellent, did not arrive with acceptable velocity on my second visit. Neither did the fork for my baked beans.

Fielding 50
Mediocre fries one time, absolutely outstanding the next. Televisions everywhere, though a late-night TNT movie shouldn’t be allowed on so many of them.

Overall 45
I admit I need another look to make fully informed decision.

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