Sunday, August 19, 2007

Joyful "fan" e-mail

These people live among you.

I normally wouldn't pass this along, but since the person apparently decided not to give his/her name, why not?

I will answer the first part. Decisions about where to place stories are made before the game's start. If we had the ability to sense Saturday would be "maybe" the Biscuits' "best game of the year," we'd be making a ton of money somewhere named Las Vegas. Also, Saturday was one game. The Houser situation will affect them the rest of the season.

Always good to have my name satirized. =)

Hey StAAAAAAcy (god, what does the A. stand for if you go by StAAAAAAcy?),

Why is it that when the Biscuits have maybe their best game of the year, the story ends up on page 4, while negative news of James Houser is on the front page of the paper and the top story on the sports page? Earlier in the series with Jacksonville, when J'ville won big it was also mentioned on the front page and again the top story on the sports page. The very next game, when the Biscuits won, it was NOT mentioned on the front page and was the bottom story on the sports page. If you haven't noticed, your paper is titled "The MONTGOMERY Advertiser." And if you also haven't noticed, it's the MONTGOMERY Biscuits. It's not the Prattville Advertiser and we're not the Prattville Biscuits. On top of that, the vast majority of Montgomery, who support our hometown team, would rather read the good news about the Biscuits rather than another top sports page story about some nerdy private school golfer.

I'll never forget one of your season opening articles where you were bitch whining about having to do some real work covering the Biscuits rather than sitting on your lazy rear, getting stories off the AP wire or quoting the Mobile Register, Birmingham News, or Anniston Star (Oh, I forgot, that's what the Advertiser/Gannett calls true reporting).

Come on StAAAAAAcy, why don't you and your rag give your readers what they want to read. Stop focusing on the Biscuits' negatives and kissing up to Prattville and the nerdy private schools. Make the top stories OUR hometown team's triumphs!!!

my reply to the individual: "So, which schools do you feel deserve our kisses?"

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