Friday, August 31, 2007

Rossetti extends clubhouse dominance

Shane Rossetti continued the Biscuits' dominance in one Southern League award category.

Rossetti was named the league's top visiting clubhouse attendant today, marking the third time in four years Montgomery has had the honor.

Rossetti, who is from Concord, N.H., is in his third season with the Devil Rays. He worked at Class AA Orlando in 2003 and Rookie-level Princeton in 2005. In the offseason, he coaches hockey and officiates high school soccer and basketball.

Matt Gallant won the award last year and Scott Mauldin won it in 2004. Gallant is at Class AAA Louisville this year. Mauldin, whose nickname was "Baylor," was at Chattanooga in 2005.

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SMauldin311 said...

Hey Stacy, it's "Baylor". I found this online and appreciate the shoutout. I'm back living in Texas and working for Glazers distributors in Fort Worth. I basically go around to bars and restaurants and help promote and market certain brands of liquor that I represent. I hope all is well in Alabama. I am planning a summer trip out there this year.