Friday, August 24, 2007

My end-of-season All-Star vote is complete

Of course, I'm not going to share it yet. First, I want to know who would have gotten your vote among the Southern League's best.

Vote a first, second and third choice for MVP and list reasons for your No. 1.
Vote a first, second and third for Most Outstanding Pitcher and justify No. 1.
Vote a first, second and third for Manager of the Year and justify No. 1.

Just list a player for these.

1 catcher
1 first baseman
1 second baseman
1 third baseman
1 shortstop
4 outfielders

1 DH (I voted for the top player who didn't get my vote in those first six categories)
1 utility (I voted for the next top player who saw decent time at many positions)

1 "best hustler" (Don't ask me to justify anything on this one)

1 right-handed starting pitcher
1 left-handed starting pitcher
1 relief pitcher


Brew said...
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Brew said...

Just list a player for these.

1 catcher - John Jaso
1 first baseman - Javier Brito
1 second baseman - Diory Hernandez
1 third baseman - Evan Longoria (Is this possible being in AAA?)
1 shortstop - Reid Brignac (Only thing he lacks is avg.)
4 outfielders - Fernando Perez
- Brent Johnson
- Xavier Paul
- Carlos Gonzalez

I can't watch these guys play living in CA so I only have their stats to go off of.

1 right-handed starting pitcher - Chris Mason
1 left-handed starting pitcher - Lindsay Gulin
1 relief pitcher - Dale Thayer

My MVP goes to JOHN JASO. This guy deserves more recognition.

Brent said...

OK, here goes (a little "home town" attitude, but all justifiable):

MVP: Mason, MGM - hate to pick a pitcher for this award, but the Biscuits are 21-5 in his starts, and if they win 2nd half, it will be because they're 11-1 in his 2nd half starts.

#2 - Jimerson, WTN

MOP - Mason, MGM (see above)
#2 - Egbert, BIR
#3 - Vazquez, MOB

Mgr - Don Money, Huntsville - he's had his team up there all year
#2 - Shoemaker, Jax
#3 - Gardner, MGM

C - Jaso, MGM
1B - Brito, MOB
2B - Hernandez, MIS
3B - Longoria, MGM
SS - Brignac, MGM
OF - Jimerson, WTN
OF - Upton, MOB
OF - Brandon Jones, MIS
OF - Loadenthal, MIS
DH - Bonifacio, MOB
Util - Gaby Martinez, MGM
Hustler - Badeaux, MGM (31 yrs old, plays everywhere with enthusiasm)

RHP - Mason, MGM
LHP - Gio Gonzalez, BIR
Rel P - Thayer, MGM

Stacy Long said...

Brew said: "Is this possible being in AAA?"

It is possible. Montgomery's Delmon Young was the league MVP two years ago and he was promoted at the All-Star break.

I also heavily used stats for my vote. I downloaded every player's stats into a spreadsheet, sorted them by games played and summarily deleted everybody who didn't play in at least 70.

Brent said...

So how long are you going to make us wait to see your votes?

Doesn't appear as though anyone else will be voting on the blog...