Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Biscuits' rent reveals nice concessions sales

The Biscuits, before lowering select food and drink prices, were already on pace for a near-record season at the concession stand.

The team's quarterly rent covering the months of April, May and June was due to the city this week. The Biscuits paid $120,694 in rent, pushing the fiscal year 2012 total to $212,103. They've paid almost $4.9 million since Riverwalk Stadium opened in 2004.

The Biscuits announced they were lowering concessions prices at the end of June, just after their last home game of the month/quarter. At that point, they were averaging $4.68 in concessions sales per fan, according to city records. That's near the record $4.71 from their inaugural season.

2004 final: 322,946 fans, $1,520,913 concessions
2012 as of July 1: 153,793 fans, $719,484.58 concessions

Attendance-wise, the Biscuits are on pace for their best average since 2008. Also, their retail sales for April, May and June were the best since the same months in 2008.

The team, with $3,682,250 in revenue (in those categories it shares with the city) through three quarters, has already exceeded full-year projections for the ninth season. The projections used by the city council when it approved stadium construction called for $3,537,590 this year.

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