Friday, August 10, 2012

Why I think if Lee doesn't move soon, he won't

I was asked on Twitter about Hak-Ju Lee potentially being promoted to Durham this month. I said if it didn't happen by the time the Biscuits leave for their next road series Tuesday to Huntsville, I didn't think it would this year.

Asked why, I said because the Rays generally do not promote top prospects later than about now because, I believe, of the limited experience they'd gain. Plus, promoting him while they're on the road would involve a more-stressful transition.

With that, I went back and looked up the top prospects who were promoted to Triple-A late in the season. I can find only one later than mid-August. Chris Archer went up to the Bulls on Aug. 23, 2011, joining a team very close to his hometown that was also in a playoff race.

Others that late were due to an injury-caused need (2010, Nevin Ashley) and major league call (2004, Scott Kazmir).

Notable late-season promotions in Biscuits history ...
Matt Moore, July 18
Tim Beckham, Aug. 10
in from Charlotte: Hak-Ju Lee, Aug. 10
Chris Archer, Aug. 23
Jake McGee, Aug. 4
Leslie Anderson, Aug. 4
Nevin Ashley, Aug. 28
Jeremy Hellickson, July 18
Desmond Jennings, July 31
Wade Davis, July 15
David Price, Aug. 9
Evan Longoria, July 31
Wes Bankston, July 13
in from A ball: Evan Longoria, Aug. 3
in from A ball: Reid Brignac, Aug. 3
Delmon Young, July 15
Jason Hammel, July 16
Scott Kazmir, Aug. 21 to majors (had arrived in trade July 31)

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