Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Coyle, Hot Rods lap field in initial BCS/RPI

Not surprisingly, the Bowling Green Hot Rods dominated April's Biscuit Crumbs Standings/Rays Player Indicator standings, the first BCS/RPI of the season.

Second baseman Tommy Coyle, despite nary a first-place finish in any of the daily Ranking the Rays, ran away from the pack with 24 points. Coyle was in the daily top 5 eight times, including second or third three times each.

Hot Rods outfielder Marty Gantt and Durham infielder Vince Belnome finished tied for second with 15 points. The next three spots were all Hot Rods, including the top pitcher: Bowling Green left-hander Sean Bierman.

There were 25 days in April that warranted having players ranked. (Three of Tampa Bay's four minor league teams have to play.) There were four players who drew two first-place days: Belnome, Bierman, Bowling Green's Tyler Goeddel and Durham's Jason Bourgeois.

There were 62 players who drew a vote.

24: Tommy Coyle, BWG (top right)
15: Marty Gantt, BWG (middle right)
15: Vince Belnome, DUR (lower right)
14: Andrew Toles, BWG
14: Sean Bierman, BWG
13: Tyler Goeddel, BWG
12: Alex Torres, DUR
11: Cameron Seitzer, MGM
11. Jesse Hahn, CHA
10: Jason Bourgeois, DUR

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