Thursday, June 16, 2011

Matt Moore, on his no-hitter

Matt Moore, after throwing the first no-hitter in Biscuits history ...

"Right after the last out, it felt like a flashback. Did that just happen? Am I dreaming? It was just an unbelievable feeling."

On what he saw: "It was a little weird seeing (catcher Nevin) Ashley running at me with a closed fist. That was a scary look."

Nervous fielding final out? "At that point, I was just making a play like nothing else was groing on. I was doing my best in the ninth just to get the last out. It was a big thing for me to pitch into the ninth. That was unchartered waters for me."

On Shawn O'Malley's play in the eighth and Henry Wrigley catching the throw: "It was a barehand on one end and a scoop on the other. That was a great play by Wrigley, too. There were great plays all the way around. Everybody contributed to this."

In the dugout during the game: "That was definitely something new, something I hadn't encountered. I was just sitting there by myself. It was like I had cooties or something."

When did he know? "In the seventh, one of the fans leaned over the rail and screamed at me. I thought, 'OK, let's see what happens.'"

His parents, brother and brother's wife are in town: "That makes it even more special. They don't get to see me throw too often and, when they do, I usually don't throw very well." (His dad was the only one to see him this year and that was Opening Night.)

On how his family would celebrate: "I'm not really sure. We're going to go figure it out."

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Eric said...

Not only is Matt a great pitching prospect, he is a great young man.