Monday, June 28, 2010

My Southern League All-Star vote

The Southern League All-Star vote deadline was Friday and here's the ballot I cast.

Remember, a player had to be on the roster June 11 to be eligible. Hence, no Mike Stanton. I did end up voting for five Biscuits. "Winners" get to spend a few days in Huntsville next month. The game is July 12.

2 catchers: Konrad Schmidt, MOB; Nevin Ashley, MGM
first base: Bryan Byrne, MOB
second base: Jacob Elmore, MOB
third base: Matt Dominguez, JAX
shortstop: Osvaldo Martinez, JAX

4 outfielders
Collin Cowgill, MOB
Willie Cabrera, MIS
Brandon Tripp, JAX
Evan Frey, MOB

DH: Mauro Gomez, MIS
utility infielder: Cody Cipriano, MGM
utility outfielder: Emeel Salem, MGM

2 pitchers: Tom Koehler, JAX, Elih Villanueva, JAX
2 starters: Alex Torres, MGM; Alex Sanabia, JAX
1 reliever: Darin Downs, MGM
1 closer: Matt Peterson, JAX

2 catchers: Robinson Chirinos, TEN; Mike Rivera, CHA
first base: Johan Limonta, WTN
second base: Brett Lawrie, HSV
third base: Corey Smith, CHA
shortstop: Dee Gordon, CHA

4 outfielders
Ty Wright, TEN
Carlos Peguero, WTN
Lorenzo Cain, HSV
Trayvon Robinson, CHA

DH: Alex Liddi, WTN
utility infielder: Zelous Wheeler, HSV
utility outfielder: Caleb Gindl, HSV

2 pitchers: Matt Klinker, CAR; Austin Bibens-Dirkx, TEN
2 starters: Mike Pineda, WTN; Hung-Wen Chen, TEN
1 reliever: Robert Rohrbaugh, WTN
1 closer: David Cales, TEN

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rbwhht said...

One day in that ballpark is not a reward, it is a punishment. Gaby Martinez would be laughing if he knew the all-star game was there. This park needs to be blown up like Legion Field and start over. I would hate to be in the Brewers system and have to go to Huntsville and then promoted to another terrible ballpark in Nashville.