Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday lineups

The finale of a six-game series.

1:51: The tarp was out and then pulled off with a 2:05 start still planned. BUT now they're pulling the tarp out again and it's raining and players are moseying off the field. Doesn't look like it'll start on time.

2:16: Scheduled for a 2:45 start.

Emeel Salem dh
Rashad Eldridge cf
Nevin Ashley c
Chris Nowak 1b
Leslie Anderson lf
Cody Cipriano 2b
Matt Sweeney 3b
John Matulia rf
Chris De La Cruz ss
Alex Torres lhp

Dustin Ackley 2b
Leury Bonilla cf
Alex Liddi 3b
Johan Limonta 1b
Scott Savastano dh
Jose Yepez c
Nate Tenbrink lf
Kuo Hui Lo rf
Carlos Triunfel ss
Steve Bray rhp

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