Monday, August 29, 2011

Anyone care to debate Biscuits' MVP choice?

There was little discussion as to who deserved the Advertiser's eighth annual Biscuits most valuable player award. If you disagree with Matt Moore's selection, please explain yourself.

As far as today's notebook, read about Isaias Velasquez's throw and Greg Sexton's tag that ended Sunday's 4-3 win over Carolina. There's also info in there about both players' offense.


socomfy said...

I do debate that, indeed.

MVP should go to a hitter, and that hitter should be Henry Wrigley.

Yes Matt was a great pitcher for us, but he only pitched in 18 games! He shouldnt win MVP for two weeks worth of work over the course of three months. I totally would give Moore the Biscuit pitcher award, but Henry has played 112 games for our team and helped us alot more than one no hitters worth.

So heres my pitch for Wrigley...

Wrigs has...
hit grand slams to win games,
called for pickoffs to win games,
argued bad calls at home plate when umpire error resulted in a triple plays against us,
improved dramatically at first base defense and made diving grabs to rob hitters,
played almost every day this summer,
put up over 100 RBI in just 172 career biscuit games,
has the highest slugging percentage of any current player,
has the highest OPS of any current biscuit,
is second on the team in games played,
his 989 fielding percentage is tops among biscuit infield regulars this year,

and most importantly has spent every day of the year as a Biscuit!

How can someone only in 18 games top that list of every day accomplishments?

So in closing, giving an MVP to a guy who was promoted in mid July is a joke, hand that hardware to the man who has been the anchor for our team all season!

Stacy Long said...

Had I gone with an offensive player, it would have been Stephen Vogt. He was .300 hitter, still has more RBIs than Wrigley despite fewer games and would have had more home runs. Vogt also hit third all season. Wrigley didn't become the full-time No. 4 hitter until Daniel Mayora's promotion.

As far as saying Moore threw only 18 games, Wrigley was at the plate only once out of every nine hitters. There were 364 at-bats against Moore this year with the Biscuits. Wrigley has 400 at-bats entering Monday's game.

As far as the July promotion, Delmon Young played his last game for Montgomery in 2005 on July 8.

Also, though Wrigley has been here almost all of the season, he did miss the first few weeks with an injury. That didn't factor against him in this, but to say he "spent every day" here is incorrect.

Glad to know you think my choice was a joke.

socomfy said...

It is a joke if you are going to go with the prospect choice over the guy who has been here every day.

To say that someone is a more valuable player while sitting on the bench four out of every five days - that just dont fly.

Wrigley has spent the equivalent of a major league season here and put up over 100 RBI.

Not "would have" but DID.

For us, our team, not for a combo of teams or up and down for different levels.

The Most Valuable Player is the one that helps our team, not the other ones in the chain. Not the big league club, but the one for which he is being voted MVP of.

In fact, Henry's last 162 games have been considerable better than the Rays big league first sacker, and most MLB teams would be thrilled to have a 1b who can drive in runs to the century mark.

Vogt and Ashley are fine players, and had great numbers while they were here.

But you might be in error when you tell me that Ashley has more RBI in fewer games, but point right out in the same sentence that he filled the RBI spot in the lineup - by that logic how many RBI does wrigley get if you have him hit third or fourth?

I find it way more impressive that Henry has so many RBI while batting so low in the lineup! Ashely and Vogt were obviously getting inflated numbers by having the prodigious Henry Wrigs hitting after them. I expect RBI from the four hitter, when we get the kind of production out of a seven hitter - now THATS valuable.

So you go ahead and stick with the easy out of Moore, hes a prospect. And you just keep foolin yourself that Henry was less valuable to this team than a handful of guys who arent here now. I will stick with the guy who is out there driving in runs for our team.