Monday, August 29, 2011

Might Bulls be in line to host Triple-A title game?

Durham has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday to announce "a special event" for the 2012 season, according to a team release. The International League president, various Durham city officials and a Bulls bigwig and player are expected to appear.

What might the "special event" be? It's not the 2012 Triple-A All-Star Game, which is scheduled to be in Buffalo.

Could it be the Triple-A championship game? It has been in Oklahoma City since 2006, but it's going to be in Albuquerque this year and is supposed to annually rotate to a different Triple-A market.


William Lee Coleman III said...

you have any idea who the Rays are sending to the Arizona Fall League ?

Stacy Long said...

I've heard three names, including two Biscuits. Both, one as recently as Sunday, said they have been told nothing. Signee Mikie Mahtook out of LSU has said he's supposed to go.