Saturday, August 27, 2011

Matt Moore lands atop another list

The Biscuits took in $3,860 from their annual jersey auction Friday, with proceeds going to the local United Way.

$350: Matt Moore
$225: Marquis Fleming
$215: Henry Wrigley
$200: Kyeong Kang, Matt Bush
$180: Jim Paduch, John Shelby
$170: Tim Beckham
$155: Chris Archer, Hak-Ju Lee
$150: Shane Dyer, Greg Sexton, John Matulia, Shawn O'Malley
$135: Stephen Vogt
$125: Nick Barnese, Paul Phillips, Ozzie Timmons
$120: Matt Sweeney, Craig Albernaz, David Wendt, Cole Figueroa, Billy Gardner, Alex Colome

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