Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rays' 2011 draftees and their Rule 5 draft year

Here's an outrageously early look at when Tampa Bay's 2011 draft signees would be eligible for the Rule 5 draft.

Mikie Mahtook, Jeff Ames, Kes Carter, Grayson Garvin, Lenny Linsky, Riccio Torrez, Jake Floethe, Ryan Carpenter, Matt Rice, Cameron Seitzer

Taylor Motter, Andy Bass, Garrett Smith, Ryan Terry, Matthew Johnson, Charlie Cononie, Brooks Belter, Raymond Church, Lucas Irvine, Jonathan Koscso

Isaac Gil, Ryan Turner, Daniel Bream, Zach Butler, David Kubiak, Brandon Choate, Theron Geith, Shay Crawford, Mike Bourdon, Stayton Thomas, Ian Tomkins

Taylor Guerrieri, Jake Hager, Brandon Martin, Tyler Goeddel, Blake Snell, James Harris Jr., Graden Goetzman, Johnny Eierman, John Alexander, Jacob Faria

(The way I understand it, it comes down to how old they are as of June 5 of this year. If they're 18 or younger, it's draft year-plus-four. If older than 18, it's draft year-plus-three.)

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