Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday's lineup, same as Friday's

The Biscuits have the same lineup as Friday. Because of a company's "fantasy day" at Riverwalk, the Suns couldn't use their clubhouse until, I believe, 5 p.m., so their lineup isn't ready yet.


Hak-Ju Lee ss (left)
Ty Morrison cf (left)
Omar Luna rf
Kyeong Kang dh (left)
Tyler Bortnick 2b
Mike Sheridan 1b (left)
Greg Sexton 3b
Brad Coon lf (left)
Mark Thomas c
Jake Thompson rhp

Donnie Webb cf (switch)Bryan Evans rhp

Paul Gran 2b
Jake Smolinski lf
Shawn Bowman 3b
Kyle Jensen dh
Ryan Patterson rf
Russell Mitchell 1b
Jake Jefferies c (left)
Chris Gutierrez ss

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