Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Vettleson year's first BCS/RPI winner

Let the controvery begin with the 2012 debut of the BCS/RPI standings.

Bowling Green outfielder Drew Vettleson carries home this year's first monthly title of the Biscuit Crumbs Standings/Rays Performance Indicator standings. They're based on the daily top-five rankings (five points for first place, four for second, etc.).

Vettleson scored 21 points, seven ahead of Biscuits outfielder Henry Wrigley and Bowling Green infielder Tyler Goeddel. Vettleson has recorded the two largest margins of victory in a monthly total. He won last July with a five-point bulge over Matt Moore.

21 points -- Drew Vettleson
14 -- Henry Wrigley, Tyler Goeddel
13 -- Cole Figueroa
11 -- Elizer Suero, Omar Luna 11
10 -- Felipe Rivero, Taylor Motter, Mikie Mahtook, Jake Floethe, Ryan Carpenter

2 first-place days: Jake Floethe, Felipe Rivero. There were 66 players who drew a vote.

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