Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vettleson's vexing list of baserunning victims

Bowling Green right fielder Drew Vettleson has pegged six at the plate among the minors/majors-high 10 baserunners he's cut down already this season. As you can see below, first base has yet to be conquered.

1. April 6 vs. South Bend (Montilla at 2nd)
2. April 10 (first inning) at West Michigan (Green at home)
3. April 10 (third inning) at West Michigan (Green at 2nd)
4. April 19 vs. Cedar Rapids (Hall at home)
5. April 21 vs. Cedar Rapids (Soso at home)
6. April 23 vs. Quad Cities (Patton at home)
7. April 26 at Beloit (Rodriguez at 3rd)
8. April 28 at Wisconsin (Walla at home)
9. May 5 vs. Lake County (Castillo at 2nd)
10. May 7 vs. Lake County (Monsalve at home)

(FYI: On April 17, Vettleson was on the receiving end of an outfield assist. Great Lakes RF Scott Schebler threw him out at first.)

Last year, Kevin Kiermaier led the entire Tampa Bay organization with 20 at Bowling Green. There were just three others who reached double figures: Durham's Brandon Guyer (17 in 108 games), Hudson Valley's Chris Winder (13 in 72) and Montgomery's John Shelby (12 in 115).

Vettleson popped six runners in 56 games in the field at Rookie-level Princeton.

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