Saturday, August 24, 2013

Other team's fans prepare for Auburn/Alabama battle

Be warned, the evil fans of that other school are massing outside Riverwalk Stadium -- as evidenced by the pictures -- in a desperate attempt to outclass your team. It's "Auburn/Alabama Night"* and fans will face off for team pride.

From today's notebook ...
The winning team's fans can show their dominance and (once again?) prove the other side's subservience, crudeness and dimwittedness. Which shall reign this year? 

Auburn has a 5-4 lead in the overall Biscuits Showdown series -- and has a 227-226 lead in the composite score.

*"Auburn/Alabama Night" is the name used by the Biscuits, as opposed to "Alabama/Auburn Night," so don't blame me. (For any non-Alabamians, yes, the order of the team names is considered by some a sign of bias.)

Oh, on the left-field wall, there are seven logos of the two combantants. Four are Auburn and three are Alabama. Hmmm.

Update: Hmmm, indeed. An Alabama flag has been added to the left-field wall, bringing the logo count to a 4-4 tie.

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