Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday's lineups, order of Auburn/Alabama battle

We have the order of battle for "Auburn/Alabama Night."

The conflict commences at the end of the first inning tonight with the final showdown coming in the middle of the sixth, with a two-parter that could be viciously decisive.

Fans can register their allegiance when they enter the gates to help with one of the final skirmishes. However, fans will not be segregated during the game, which means you have a chance to proselytize.

For in-game updates, on both the important stuff and the Biscuits-Suns game, check Twitter @AStacyLong.

End 1: quarterback challenge
Mid 2: fight song singoff
End 3: "crazy car wash" (the one where participants use sponges to move water from one station to another)
Mid 5: danceoff

Mid 6: tug of war
Mid 6: attendance announced

End 7: victor crowned, crow served, losers labeled

Lineups ...
Ryan Brett 2b
Delmon Young dh
Mikie Mahtook cf
Curt Casali c
Cameron Seitzer 1b (left)
Todd Glaesmann rf
Kyeong Kang lf (left)
Robby Price 3b (left)
Robi Estrada ss (switch)
Victor Mateo rhp

Austin Barnes dh
J.T. Realmuto c
Alex Burg lf
Mark Canha 1b
Derek Dietrich 2b (left)
Danny Pertusati rf
Zack Cox 3b (left)
Michael Main cf
Danny Black ss (left)
Anthony DeSclafani rhp

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