Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Durham Bull-ish on final month's BCS/RPI list

Durham sported the top position player and pitcher in the August/September BCS/RPI standings.

Infielder/outfielder Russ Canzler (top left) and little-known left-hander Matt Moore (top right) scored 17 points each, barely nosing out Charlotte second baseman Tyler Bortnick (bottom left) and Durham right-hander Matt Torra (bottom right). They each had 16 points in the Biscuit Crumbs Standings/Rays Performance Indicator standings.

Canzler, this year's International League MVP, had seven finishes in the daily top five, including one first place. His fifth-place spot for Sunday's play -- the final day of the season for the daily rankings -- pulled him into the tie. Moore was in the daily list five times with two first places.

17 points -- Russ Canzler, Matt Moore
16 -- Tyler Bortnick, Matt Torra
15 -- Cody Rogers, Enny Romero, Jake Thompson
14 -- Chris Rearick

13 -- Tim Beckham, Dan Johnson, Shawn O'Malley
12 -- Brandon Guyer, Craige Lyerly

April: 1. Derek Dietrich 15 points, 2. Greg Sexton 14, 3. Hak-Ju Lee 13.
May: 1. Robby Price 25, 2. Matt Moore 20, 3. Alex Cobb 17.
June: 1. Tyler Bortnick 24, 2. Cody Rogers 21, 3. Desmond Jennings 16.
July: 1. Drew Vettleson 21, 2. Matt Moore 16, 3. Jeff Malm 14.

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Chris W. said...

Very disappointing to see a pitcher of Moore's questionable skills languishing in obscurity like this. Maybe tonight's playoff game will finally gain him a small bit of recognition.