Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Torres, Malm 2 of several Rays who led league

Alex Torres kept his dual-pitching category championships this year, despite moving from the Double-A Southern League to the Triple-A International League.

After leading the Southern League with the Biscuits in both strikeouts and walks last year, he did it again with Durham in the International League.

The Rays did have one home run champion: Jeff Malm hit 12 in the New York-Penn League. Pitchers also drilled Malm a league-high 13 times.

Here are the Tampa Bay minor leaguers who led their leagues in something, almost anything, this year:

DURHAM (International League)
Strikeouts: Alex Torres 156
Walks issued: Alex Torres 83
Slugging percentage: Russ Canzler .530
Extra-base hits: Russ Canzler 62
Sacrifice hits (tied): J.J. Furmaniak 15

MONTGOMERY (Southern League)
Games started (tied): Shane Dyer 28
Games finished: Zach Quate 45
Hits allowed (tied): Shane Dyer 191
Wild pitches: Chris Archer 18

CHARLOTTE (Florida State League)
Steals: Tyler Bortnick 43
On-base percentage: Tyler Bortnick .428
Hit by pitch: Tyler Bortnick 25
Sacrifice flies: Mike Sheridan 12
Sacrifice hits allowed (tied): Kyle Lobstein 8, Alex Colome 8
Hit batters: Alex Koronis 16
Balks (tied): Merrill Kelly 3, Alex Koronis 3

BOWLING GREEN (Midwest League)
Triples (tied): Cody Rogers 11
Walks taken: Robby Price 86
Games finished: Chris Rearick 43
Wild pitches: Braulio Lara 22

HUDSON VALLEY (New York-Penn League)
Home runs: Jeff Malm 12
Hit by pitch: Jeff Malm 13
Sacrifice hits allowed (tied): Jacob Partridge 5, Andrew Bellatti 5
Sacrifice flies allowed (tied): Jacob Partridge 5

PRINCETON (Appalachian League)
On-base percentage: Taylor Motter .436
Walks taken: Cameron Seitzer 43
Winning percentage (tied): Matt Spann .800 (4-1)

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