Thursday, September 29, 2011

Longoria HR bat sent to Hall of Fame

Evan Longoria's bat, the one that hit Wednesday's playoff-clinching home run, is headed to Cooperstown. The Hall of Fame requested the bat and Longoria agreed to donate it.

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Dr.Miraculous said...

While bud selig will tout this as drama, I remind everyone the difference between Longos homer and Bobby Thompsons is that the Giants won the pennant and played in the World Series the very next day as one of the top two teams in baseball, but Evans homer ranks the rays as just the seventh or eighth best team in baseball this year.

The Wild Card is artificial drama, not actual greatness. Adding another wildcard team as per Bud Seligs plan only waters down farther the tame playoffs we currently use.

Do not be fooled by a shyster commissioner who tells you lies about what dramatic finishes are. The actual race was over weeks ago.