Monday, August 01, 2011

Vettleson victorious in monthly BCS/RPI race

Princeton outfielder Drew Vettleson stormed to the July BCS/RPI championship, landing in the daily rankings eight times and scoring 21 points.

Little-known left-hander Matt Moore was the top pitcher in the the month's final Biscuit Crumbs Standings/Rays Performance Indicator standings. Moore, who jumped from Montgomery to Durham after a side trip to the Futures Game, tallied 16 points.

Vettleson did not merit a No. 1 finish any day, but he had two second places, four thirds, two fourths and a fifth.

Hudson Valley first baseman Jeff Malm, Charlotte catcher Mark Thomas and Hudson Valley pitcher Mickey Jannis each had two first-place marks.

21 points -- Drew Vettleson (top left)
16 -- Matt Moore (top right)
14 -- Jeff Malm (bottom right)
13 -- Alex Colome
12 -- Russ Canzler, Mickey Jannis, Parker Markel, Cameron Seitzer, Chris Winder
11 -- C.J. Riefenhauser, Mark Thomas
10 -- Tyler Bortnick

April: 1. Derek Dietrich 15 points, 2. Greg Sexton 14, 3. Hak-Ju Lee 13.
May: 1. Robby Price 25, 2. Matt Moore 20, 3. Alex Cobb 17.
June: 1. Tyler Bortnick 24, 2. Cody Rogers 21, 3. Desmond Jennings 16.

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