Saturday, June 29, 2013

Riefenhauser: Aggressiveness big piece of dominant year

C.J. Riefenhauser's driving strategy Saturday was almost as simple as his pitching approach this season.

"Go as far as I can before I take a break or get gas," Riefenhauser said Saturday, in the middle of the 500-mile drive from Montgomery to Triple-A Durham.

Riefenhauser, whose 0.51 ERA and .153 average against this year are easily the best of his career (so far?), has had similar focus on the mound.

"Really, it's just going after hitters and attacking," he said. "I'm trusting the defense to make the play behind me, trusting the catcher and, more importantly, trusting that I'll throw the pitch where I want it to be."

Riefenhauser learned of his promotion from Biscuits manager Billy Gardner and pitching coach R.C. Lichtenstein after Friday's loss at Chattanooga.

There was good timing involved. Riefenhauser's parents had just left him for home Friday morning.

"They're in New York now," Riefenhauser said, uncertain when they'd visit again. "Hopefully, that's another trip later on in the year. We'll see."

Riefenhauser said he'd been told to use today as a travel day and be ready to pitch Sunday for the Bulls, who start a four-game home series with the Columbus Clippers tonight.

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