Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's Rays pitchers

Right-hander John Farrell, a 21st-round pick two weeks ago, makes his pro debut today when the Renegades try to finish a season-opening series sweep at Aberdeen.

No Ranking the Rays today since just two of the four full-season teams played Tuesday night.

DUR (?) vs. Louisville (Daniel Corcino 3-9, 7.49), 6:05
MGM (Jake Thompson 6-6, 5.02) vs. Pensacola (Tim Crabbe 2-6, 3.52), 7:05
CHA (?) at St. Lucie (Rainy Lara 0-2, 1.86), 5:30
BWG off (All-Star break)
HV (John Farrell) at Aberdeen (Luc Rennie), 6:05

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