Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Your 2013 Princeton Rays

The Rookie-level Princeton Rays start their season Thursday at Danville. With that, here are your 2013 P-Rays ...

Oscar Armenta (international free agent, 2010)
Luis Cabrera (international free agent, 2010)
Geisel De La Cruz (international free agent, 2009)
Jake Faria (2011 draft, 10th round)
Darren Fischer (2013, 16th)
Nolan Gannon (2012, fourth)
Isaac Gil (2011, 31st)
Stepan Havlicek (international free agent, 2010)
Josh Kimborowicz (2013, 19th)
German Marquez (international free agent, 2011)
Jorge Rodriguez (international free agent, 2010)
D.J. Slaton (2013, 37th)
Stone Speer (2013, 25th)
Rick Teasley (2013, 23rd)
Hunter Wood (2013, 29th)

Jesus Araiza (international free agent, 2010)
Wilmer Dominguez (international free agent, 2008)
Chad Nacapoy (2012, 38th)

Coty Blanchard (2013, 15th)
Leopoldo Correa (international free agent, 2008)
Douglas Duran (international free agent, 2010)
Spencer Edwards (2012, second)
Travis Flores (2010, 11th)
David Garcia (non-drafted free agent, 2013, Cal State Monterey bio)
Adderly Rosa (international free agent, 2009)

Yoel Araujo (international free agent, 2010)
Johnny Eierman (2011, third)
Bralin Jackson (2012, fifth)
Hunter Lockwood (2013, 11th)
Elias Torres (international free agent, 2011)

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