Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Florida governor showing off again; where's Riley?

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will throw the ceremonial first pitch at Tampa Bay's home opener Monday. This is the third straight year Crist has shown off his arm. Still no word about Alabama Gov. Bob Riley's first-pitch plans?

At left, Crist displays cannon arm from two years ago. (St. Pete Times photo) At right, Riley perhaps showing how far he can throw a ball? (Advertiser photo of Riley actually at the Hyundai plant last August.) He's about to be 0-for-6 on Opening Day at Riverwalk.


TBR21fan said...

wonder if anyone has bothered to ask Gov Riley if he would throw out the first pitch???? or the new mayor???

Stacy Long said...

The Biscuits may have the new mayor on hand Thursday. If I knew about the governor's plans, I couldn't have as much fun as I did with that post.

TBR21fan said...

and it's that weird sense of humor that we like!!! rjn