Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Youth league to pay Dukes' fine

Sure, Elijah Dukes hasn't helped himself over the years, but he has always enjoyed being around children (all jokes aside).

From the Washington Post ...
Last weekend, Dukes appeared at the Opening Day for a youth league in D.C. Dukes stayed through the entire parade and the festivities. He spoke to the players, etc. He quickly bolted for that night's game.

He was late to the Nationals' clubhouse by five minutes. The Nats have a zero-tolerance policy with Dukes and fined him $500. The Great Falls Little League heard of the fine and has raised money to pay it (free registration required). The league has the goal of $501, with the extra dollar for any "administrative expenses."

League president Jim Mraz: "It's not a question of whether this guy can afford the 500 bucks. We're just trying to send a message to our kids: He was here for us. Now we've got to be there for him."


Doug said...

One additional note re him bravely staying through the entire parade and festivities, it was a paid appearance for Dukes. The LL paid him $500 to attend. So now the LL is down $1,001, and Dukes is up $500.

Stacy Long said...

Yikes. I missed that part. I still have to commend the little league for doing that. They didn't have to.

Doug said...

I agree on the second part (offering to pay his fine + $1). But the original decision is what I disagree with (bringing Dukes to a function involving children as a star/role model, AND paying him $500 to do it).

Although I suppose it's possible that the more savory members of the Nationals charge more than a $500 appearance fee.

Stacy Long said...

I think I read somewhere that Dukes is actually a popular player with Washington fans. I found that surprising.

The going rate for a Biscuit appearance is $50, I believe.