Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rodriguez to be Biscuit

The Rays have formally announced today's trade and said that Aneury Rodriguez is headed to the Biscuits. He's scheduled to arrive in Montgomery on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I hope this guy helps out.

Robert Rittner said...

Any idea whom he replaces on the roster and where that player goes?

Stacy Long said...

OK, I'm conscious again. That was a long ride back and I washed a lot of clothes today.

Not sure who Rodriguez will replace on the roster. I believe he'll bump Brandon Mann out of the rotation. I don't think anyone will leave town.

The person knocked off the roster will go to what's known as the "phantom DL." It's a paper move where the player isn't on the active roster, but is around in case of emergency.

bamaroy said...

Glad to have him.