Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday's lineups vs. Orioles

It's Orioles Day at dark and stormy-looking Port Charlotte where all four minor-league exhibitions are scheduled to be played today.

Baltimore's minor-league complex in Sarasota is in bad shape, bad enough that other teams consider it a "safety issue," one Rays official told me, and refuse to play there. Hence, the Orioles minor-leaguers have to travel every day. Oddly, Baltimore's major-league complex is in Fort Lauderdale, which is problematic, to say the least.

There's also an early start, 10 a.m. Central, and it's Tampa Bay's final minor-league exhibition. They have intrasquad games Saturday and Sunday. Here are today's Rays lineups ...
E. Johnson, 3b
Brignac, ss
Ruggiano, cf
Richard, dh
Hughes, 1b
Jaso, c
Eldridge, rf
J.T. Hall, lf
C. Suarez, 2b
Jamieson, c

Jennings, dh
Bowers, ss
Fronk, rf
Fields, 1b
Matulia, cf
Cannon, dh
Spring, c (Albernaz in 8th)
Anderson, 2b
Powell, lf
M. Hall, 3b

Salem, cf
O'Malley, dh
Vogt, dh
Wrigley, lf
Sexton, 3b
Ashley, c (Williams in sixth)
Cipriano, 1b
Luna, ss
J. Beckham, 2b
Biell, rf (Reynolds in sixth)

Scelfo, cf (Luis in sixth)
T. Beckham, dh
Jefferies, dh
McCormick, c (Mollicone in eighth)
Sheridan, 1b
Corder, rf (Jones in sixth)
Kang, lf
Velasquez, 3b
Tweedy, 2b
Estrada, ss

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hvrfan said...

What's happening with Catcher MARK THOMAS? Is he slated to repeat the season at Hudson Valley? Also, noticing that Henry Wrigley has been playing a lot at left field, while Cody Cipriano is at first...change for Cipriano occuring there?