Thursday, April 02, 2009

Greetings from congested Sarasota

Triple-A final: Rays lose 10-6. Eldridge and Rhyne Hughes homered.

Double-A final: Rays lose 3-0. Starter Rayner Oliveros threw five shutout innings. Three-hit attack included a Greg Sexton double.

1:51: It's now Paul Phillips throwing in Trips. Kevin Boggan is warming up for the Dubs, but Kelly is still in the game.

1:29: Chris Kelly on the Double-A hill and surrenders leadoff homer in whatever inning it is. Also, Orvella gives up massive bomb to center.

1:25: Chad Orvella to the Triple-A mound. I haven't seen the Rays take the field in Double-A -- Desmond Jennings did draw a four-pitch walk.

1:21: The minor-league complex honors past Reds greats. The fields are named for Tony Perez, Johnny Bench, Frank Robinson and Ted Kluszewski. The indoor hitting building has Pete Rose.

1:16: Carlos Hernandez is pitching in Triple-A. Rashad Eldridge just homered, while B.J. Upton struck out.

We're at the City of Sarasota Sports Complex. Already behind after talking to a few people back in Port Charlotte, only to find an odd arrangement here.

The Reds are playing a major-league spring game, their last before moving to Arizona next year, so parking was difficult. Then, the gate that was directly between my car and the minor-league fields was locked. Oh well, I'm here now.


William Lee Coleman III said...

You would think a ton of releases are coming today.

Stacy Long said...

I just heard rumor of three, but I'm confirming before printing.