Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday starters vs. Reds

The Rays face the Reds again today in minor-league games, with switched venues. The upper levels are in Sarasota and the Class A's in Port Charlotte. Major-leaguer Andy Sonnanstine is slumming for a few days and working out with the minor-leaguers, while B.J. Upton continues some rehab work. Your lineups ...

Johnson, 3b
Brignac, ss
Upton, dh (rehab)
Ruggiano, rf
Hughes, dh
Nowak, 1b
Jaso, c
Eldridge, cf
J.T. Hall, lf
Suarez, 2b

Jennings, cf (Powell in seventh)
Chaves, ss (dh in sixth)
Sexton, 3b
Fields, 1b
Fronk, rf
Matulia, lf
Paxton, dh
Anderson, 2b
Albernaz, c (Spring in eighth)
M. Hall, dh (ss in sixth)

Salem, cf
O'Malley, cf (Luna in eighth)
Ashley, dh (c in eighth)
Wrigley, 1b
Vogt, c (dh in eighth)
Cipriano, 2b
Williams, dh
Royster, lf
J. Beckham, 3b
Biell, rf

Scelfo, cf
T. Beckham, ss
Jefferies, c (McCormick in eighth)
Corder, rf (Jones in sixth)
Kang, lf (Luis in sixth)
Velasquez, dh (3b in sixth)
Sheridan, 1b
Tweedy, 3b (dh in sixth)
Estrada, 2b
Mollicone, dh

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