Friday, April 03, 2009

This could get confusing

11:43: Rain stops games.

11:33: Johnson triples in Trips. About 10 seconds later, Fields hits a two-run double in Dubs.

11:27: My bad. That's not McGee. Rain got in my eyes.

11:26: Jake McGee is on in Trips.

11:20: It's raining, but they're still playing. Eduardo Morlan is on in Dubs after Ryan Reid.

11:01: Houser was happy with his three innings. Couple of runs and five hits, two were infield dribblers. Mike Wlodarczyk threw two shutout innings in Double-A.

10:50, low-A: Tony Scelfo lays down nice bunt with two on. O's error scores run and puts runners at second and third for Tim Beckham. Beckham popup barely leaves dirt around home.

Trips, M3: Houser looks good, though he just gave up a couple of runs.

Double-A, B1: Matt Fields hits two-run homer. The wind is blowing out to right on the Triple-A field and to left on Double-A, but in on the other two.

Triple-A, B1: Elliot Johnson, batting left-handed, goes all Rickey Henderson and hits a leadoff home run.

Triple-A, T1: Houser struck out Matt Wieters on three pitches, the last a high fastball that Wieters chased and was behind on. If you didn't know, Wieters and David Price are the top prospects in baseball. The order depends on who you ask.

Four games going at once. Yikes. I'm focusing on the higher-level games, but I'll try to check in on the lower games, too.

James Houser starting Triple-A, Alex Colome Double-A, Mike Jarman and Darin Downs in the Class A games.


Bubba-36109 said...

Turn your wipers on!

Bubba-36109 said...

If not McGee, then who was it?

Stacy Long said...

It was Jason Cromer. Cromer and McGee are about the same width on the back of a uniform and I, of course, am easily confused.