Saturday, April 04, 2009

"Game" time

12:06: It's final. Triple-A wins 1-0. Isringhausen takes the loss.

11:52, Double-A: Jeremy Hellickson worked two, allowing a hit to Justin Ruggiano. Craig Albernaz took care of Ruggiano and picked him off first.

11:42, Triple-A: Wade Davis just finished three shutout innings that included six strikeouts.

11:25, Class A: Was at another field when someone put one in the right-center gap. He eased into third with a triple. Walked over and found out it was Tim Beckham. He looks bigger than what I saw last May, which is understandable.

11:17, Class A: RF Henry Wrigley threw a runner out at home. It wasn't close.

11:09, Triple-A: David Price is drawing bad reviews for his work today. He's a bat boy.

10:50, Class A: SS Shawn O'Malley made a sweet play in the hole. He jumped to make a barehanded catch, twirled in the air and threw in one motion to get an out at second.

Class A game: Nevin Ashley triples when CF gets turned around.

Double-A 2nd: Bases loaded, one out. Drew Anderson Kc. Craig Albernaz P-4.

Triple-A 2nd: Jason Isringhausen on mound for Double-A. Chris Richard walked. John Jaso struck out looking. B.J. Upton F-4. Rhyne Hughes fisted single to left. J.T. Hall RBI double to left. Inning called to early end.

They're underway with the intrasquad games. Check back for sporadic updates.

Triple-A 1st: Rashad Eldridge singles.

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