Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, fun-day, empty-park-day?

There likely won't be a big crowd for this afternoon's game, the fourth of the five-game series between the Biscuits and D-Jaxx. Take your pick for the reason: Easter, an afternoon start, the Masters. Whichever your preference, your lineups ...

Desmond Jennings, cf
Rashad Eldridge, lf
Rhyne Hughes, 1b
J.T. Hall, dh
Cesar Suarez, 3b
John Matulia, rf
Drew Anderson, 2b
Matt Spring, c
Brandon Chaves, ss
Ryan Morse, lhp

Ezequiel Carrera, cf
Oswaldo Navarro, ss
Greg Halman, rf
Adam Moore, c
Javier Brito, dh
Yamid Haad, 1b
Brent Johnson, lf
Jeff Dominguez, 2b
Erick Monzon, 3b
Luis Munoz, rhp

Well, almost empty. The announced attendance of 1,742 is the second smallest in Biscuits home history, eclipsed only by the 1,591 for a playoff game Sept. 9, 2007.

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Brent said...

You may have forgotten the May 5, 2008 home game, where attendance was 1,732, the lowest attendance ever at a regular season home game.