Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Biscuits step on FIP scale

I'm no fervent follower of the so-called advanced metrics. Honestly, the main thing I look at is runs scored and RBIs compared to games played. But I saw a reference to "fielding independent pitching" on one major league highlight show Monday and wondered how the Biscuits stacked up.

Basically, the formula gives you what the pitcher's ERA should be -- if variations in defense didn't matter. It uses only home runs allowed, walks, strikeouts and innings pitched. (Through the magic of Excel, I was able to quickly figure it, though my table-making Blogger skill is lacking.)

If you decide to swear by FIP, you'll see here that Matt Bush's ERA is more than double what it should be and that Nick Barnese and Paul Phillips are living charmed lives. These are through Monday, and I left Chad Thall in.

So, what say you?

UPDATE: I can't get this to line up to save my life. I surrender. Apologies.

Archer47 2/331427444.145.85
Cruz45 1/342717404.578.34
DLSantos28 2/32126173.556.59
Dyer53 1/322111253.133.71
Fleming36 1/39219472.902.23
Moore52 2/317614762.592.91
Phillips22 2/31058185.543.97
Quate25 2/31325213.164.56
Schenk27 2/310115193.923.25
Thall15 2/312114115.316.89

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