Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's official: Biggest blown lead in team history

It took me precisely 13 minutes to check through my spreadsheets that track every Biscuits season to now make this declaration about Saturday's 10-9 loss at Birmingham.

It was the biggest blown lead in team history.

Since Montgomery led 9-0, I went back and checked every Biscuits game where they scored at least eight runs and lost. There have been 11. Of those, the biggest lead by the Biscuits was on May 8, 2009, and it was by a mere four runs, in a 14-9 home loss to Birmingham.

The biggest rally in team history was May 14, 2008, when the Biscuits trailed 10-0 after five innings at Mississippi and won 11-10 in 10 innings.


Brent said...

Billy Gardner, Jr. should be chastised for leaving De Los Santos in there that long. I understand "developing players", but give me a break! This was a chance for the Biscuits to pull even at .500 for the first time this year, and it's a devastating loss from which they may never recover.

socomfy said...

agreed Brent, this team is in a tailspin and I suspect there is probably more going on than we are hearing about.

Why did Barnese get pulled in the 4th?
How can someone let their reliever give up nine hits AND a walk in just three innings?
Was the phone to the bullpen broken?
Did the gate to the 'pen get stuck closed?
How long does the Tampa brass let our relievers toss BP to the southern league?

If this occurred in a major league game, people would be fired for it, and rightly so. I have lost respect for our manager, pitching coach and for our team. That there werent instant roster moves made baffles me, this weekends games are unacceptable at the AA level of play.

We have a great batting average of .261. However our team ERA flirts with five, and we put runners on base at a staggering rate of almost 1.5 each inning.

We should be the best team in the league but obviously we are headed for the cellar. I may start wearing a paper sack over my head at games (again) - its become embarrassing to be a biscuits fan.

Plus, next we get to welcome back the defending two-time champion Jacksonville Suns at the next home-stand. And Luke Montz who hit a monster shot over the scoreboard on his way to player of the week, further shaming us. I wouldnt complain if we greeted him Bob Gibson style so he doesnt get too comfortable and expect to be served up free biscuits again!