Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday: Barons 10, Biscuits 9

The Biscuits blew a nine-run fourth-inning lead and lost 10-9 at Birmingham on Saturday.

Montgomery, sparked by a seven-run first inning, led 9-0 in the middle of the fourth. The Barons scored five runs in the bottom of the fourth and took the lead with a five-run sevent.

Andrew Garcia, after hitting a three-run triple to tie the game, scored the go-ahead run on a passed ball by Stephen Vogt.

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socomfy said...

Flat out the worst day in Biscuits history. Period. There may have been statistically worse days, but never with the kind of team we are supposed to have. So much for "best pitching staff in the minor leagues".

I hope this is a wakeup call to the rays organization - this bullpen has been bad all year and only gotten worse. The stats bear out that we have more of this to come unless changes are made.

And HOW can you leave a reliever in to give up NINE runs in two and two-thirds innings? I like Billy, but what in the world was he thinking tonite? Thats just terrible, not only does it lose the game, but it sends the wrong message to the starting pitchers and the rest of the team. Not to mention destroy DeLos Santos confidence.