Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 SEC teams to host NCAA regionals

South Carolina, Florida and Vanderbilt of the Southeastern Conference are among the 16 regional host sites announced today by the NCAA. (Unfortunately, Jeff "the SEC's overrated" Niemann's Rice Owls are also a host.)

Records are through Saturday. (*--Team plays today.) Regionals start Friday.

Atlanta: Georgia Tech (40-19)
Austin, Texas: Texas (43-15)
Fullerton, Calif.: *Cal State Fullerton (39-15)
Chapel Hill, N.C.: North Carolina (45-14)
Charlottesville, Va.: *Virginia (48-9)
Clemson, S.C.: Clemson (41-18)
College Station, Texas: *Texas A&M (41-18)
Columbia, S.C.: South Carolina (45-14)
Corvallis, Ore.: *Oregon State (38-16)
Fort Worth, Texas: TCU (42-17)
Gainesville, Fla.: *Florida (44-16)
Houston: Rice (41-19)
Los Angeles: *UCLA (33-21)
Nashville, Tenn.: *Vanderbilt (47-9)
Tallahassee, Fla.: *Florida State (42-16)
Tempe, Ariz.: *Arizona State (38-16)

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